Travie McRavie


McHenry Drive In Theater

Alright, I work for this company, Golden Age Cinemas. I love this place and I love working here. With film going out of style, we need to switch to digital to keep going. Movie studios are going to stop producing 35mm film.  The only movie projector in operation at The McHenry Outdoor Theater is a 35mm unit.  All movies currently being made are going to be digitally formatted.  In order for this historic and much beloved theater to stay alive, it is imperative that a digital movie projector be purchased and installed.  The cost of a digital projector is approximately $77,000.00.  The renovation needed in the projection booth to accomodate this new projector will cost an additional $60,000.00.  As a seasonal entity, The McHenry Outdoor Theater simply cannot afford to pay for this conversion without the help from the public.

I love this place, if you are a lover of movies or live in the area, please support it in any way you can! I hope if anything you’ll share this with your own followers to spread the word.